Current Soft Tissue Referral Packages

We always strive to deliver gold standard care at competitive prices. We firmly believe that our current pricing structure represents good value for money for clients without cutting corners that may compromise patient care. Whilst we endeavour to provide accurate estimates for individual cases (and will continue to do so), the estimates we give are often wide to allow for the possibility of unexpected developments/complications during or after surgery. We understand that owners may have concerns about ongoing costs potentially increasing over their budget and therefore, we are now offering some Soft Tissue packages that are capped. The final costs may be lower than those stated but we guarantee your clients that the costs will not exceed the capped fee.

Extrahepatic Portosystemic Shunts (PSS) 

Initial workup/diagnostics (if required) capped at £1,200


  • Consultation with our internal medicine service
  • Full serum biochemistry, haematology, bile acids and clotting time
  • Diagnostic imaging (ultrasound or CT angiography)

Surgery for ligation/attenuation of Extrahepatic PSS capped at £3,600


  • Consultation with Soft Tissue Surgeon
  • Anaesthesia, surgery (including intraoperative portovenography)
  • All perioperative medications and 3 days postoperative hospitalization.

Laryngeal Paralysis (LP)

“Tieback Surgery” (arytenoid lateralization) capped at £2,640


  • Initial consultation
  • Assessment (laryngoscopy) and thoracic radiographs
  • Anaesthesia and surgery plus all perioperative medication
  • Overnight hospitalization/monitoring if required


Surgical Ligation (if PDA already diagnosed)  capped at £2,520

Specialist Echocardiography + PDA ligation capped at £3,120


  • Initial consultation
  • Anaesthesia and surgery
  • All perioperative medication and hospitalization until discharge

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