Veterinary Ophthalmology referrals South West

Ophthalmology referral cases are seen by Ida Gilbert, BVSc CertOphthal MRCVS and Vim Kumaratunga BVSc CertVOphthal MRCVS RCVS Advanced Practitioner in Veterinary Ophthalmology. The team is well supported by a multi disciplinary team including Internal Medicine Specialists that are able to provide invaluable patient support. Ida is happy to discuss or give advice on all matters relating to small animal veterinary ophthalmology.

Equipment available to our Ophthalmology team includes 

  • Alexos Oertli Phacoemulsification cataract and vitrectomy machine
  • Operating Microscope
  • Microsurgical arm-supported chair
  • Slitlamp biomicroscope
  • Tonometry - both applanation (TonoPen) and rebound (TonoVet)
  • Gonioscopy lenses
  • RETIport Electroretinography unit (ERG)
  • Indirect ophthalmoscopy
  • CT
  • Specialised surgical and microsurgical equipment
  • Doppler and Oscillometric Blood pressure machines
  • Cryosurgical equipment
  • Magnifying loupes
  • Ultrasonography and digital Radiography

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