Examples of Ultrasonography cases seen

Veterinary Ultrasonagraphy Case Examples

Case 1

9 year old FN Springer Spaniel diagnosed with adrenal dependent hyperadrenocorticism. Abdominal ultrasound identified a large, vascular adrenal mass (Fig 1A) with involvement of the local lymph nodes (Fig 1B).

ultrasound                               ultrasound

Fig 1A                                                                                                             Fig 1B

Case 2

11 year old terrier presented with a chronic cough and a left sided thoracic mass seen on thoracic radiographs.
A large cystic appearing mass was identified on thoracic ultrasound (Fig 2A). After assessing the vascularisation of the mass using Power Doppler (Fig 2B), an ultrasound guided Trucut biopsy was obtained for histopathology.

ultrasound                                   ultrasound

Fig 2A                                                                                                          Fig 2B

Case 3

11 year old male, apparently neutered, Whippet presented with recurrent haematuria and palpable prostatomegaly. Abdominal and inguinal ultrasound allowed the identification of a relatively normal appearing inguinal testicle (Fig 3A) and a very abnormal appearing abdominal testicle (Fig 3B), as well as an enlarged

ultrasound                         ultrasound

Fig 3A                                                                                                        Fig 3B

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