Police Dog Root canal filling

"Hi Pete,

Just to let you know "BEAR" succesfully passed his Police dog course and we are both now fully operational.

You and your team did a great job on his root canal filling and without doubt we would have lost a very good dog without your quick intervention.

His biting has come on no end and I am hopefully looking forward to a long and succesful career with him.

I hope you like the attached photo he made front page news on his first week out!


Police dog and handler

Bear in action

surgery carried out by Peter Southerden

Owner of cat following multiple tooth extractions

"Dear Peter

I thought I would just write a quick email to tell you how Ted is getting on. Since he had all his teeth removed at the beginning of January he has progessed really well. His gums healed quickly but the reddness took a while to go down. He has now finished the medication and his gums are lovely and he seems to be doing really well. He now has no problems in eating (he loves his food).

If you need any more information about Ted's progess please contact me and thank you for making Ted better."

surgery carried out by Peter Southerden

Practical Tooth Extraction for Vets CPD

"Excellent course - very helpful instructor went out of his way to address extra topics we showed interest in (i.e. local blocks) ...excellent structure (talk - practical- repeat)"

"very useful - practical + lots of friendly advice + help given - if you hold a cat extraction day I'll be back!"

course Feb 2012 tutored by Peter Southerden

Practical Dental Radiography for Vets CPD

"v.good - given me confidence to go & try at practice. Thanks for helping with my food requirements too"

course Feb 2012 tutored by Peter Southerden

Two Day Feline Dentistry CPD

"Fab course, really useful info and experience. Very good speaker - encouraging and positive. Good directions and contact to get me here on roads I didn't know before....Great idea to have memory stick to take away info... All around great thanks".

course Feb 2012 tutored by Peter Southerden

Small Animal Laparoscopic Surgery 2 Day Practical Course

"Fantastic CPD - very informative. Tim was very helpful and easy to ask questions to whilst doing practicals"

"Fantastic course - very clear information - really enjoyed it - lots fo new skils learnt Thank you!"

"Fantastic couple of days. Great speaker + reps where very helpful also"

Course 6th - 7th June 2013 tutored by Tim Charlesworth


17th April 2014

Dear Eastcott Referrals,

As you know, last Thursday evening I had to rush our much loved cat, Jack, into the 24 hour emergency vets based in Reading.The vet checked Jack over and noticed that he had air bubbles coming out of the hole in his neck. Jack was then put under for further investigation and so he could be x-rayed. At 0200 I received a call with the bad news that Jack had been shot with an air rifle and that the pellet could be seen clearly on the x-ray, lodged in his trachea/wind pipe. Soft tissue damage was unknown, so at 7am the vet decided that we needed to get Jack over to Eastcott Vets in Swindon, to see the soft tissue specialist Tim (Jack had previously been treated by Tim when he had major surgery at 12 weeks old due to an issue with his oesophagus). Tim confirmed that Jack was in a very bad way and that his chances of survival were slim. Jack was then put under again and a CT scan was done to check for soft tissue damage which confirmed that one of his lungs had also been damaged as a result of the shooting. Jack was operated on immediately, the pellet was removed and the wound site was cleared with saline to try and prevent infection. After receiving first class medical care from Tim and the team, Jack amazingly managed to survive the first night and then the next 2 and after a few nights and days of angst, we were able to collect him from the vets on Monday evening.
Jack the cat with elizabethan collar on
The Thames Valley police (PC Mark Grave) have been excellent in supporting us with this crime and have been taking the incident very seriously. PC Grave visited us again on Monday evening (after visiting our property and the area on Sat afternoon to discuss the case and to view the surrounding area), to collect the pellet and discharge report from the vets. The pellet has now been taken to a fire arms expert who will try and ascertain how far away the pellet was when fired, the calibre of the rifle and any other forensic evidence.
Jack is currently in recovery and is highly medicated. His body has obviously undergone huge trauma, not only from the shooting but also from major surgery. The risk now is infection, so we are doing everything we can to watch him closely in this first crucial recovery week. We are fully aware that he is by no means ‘out of the woods’ yet.
Jack lying on his back
I wanted to raise this for your attention to firstly say thank you for saving Jack's life. Let's hope he pulls through the next few days. Also, I wanted to say a special thank you to Tim and the team that treated Jack. Without there excellent care and attention, Jack would not be with us today. The level of care provided by the team was exceptional. Tim was very assertive, calm, caring, reassuring and acted fast with true professionalism. Tim is a true asset to you company and rightfully deserves positive recognition in how he handled Jack.

Andrea & Jamie


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