Osteochondritis dissecans in a Labrador retriever


Arthroscopic treatment of shoulder osteochondritis dissecans in a Labrador Retriever

A 7-month-old female Labrador retriever was referred with a 2 month long history of left forelimb lameness. Radiography of the forelimb revealed a mild flattening of the caudal humeral head and a faint mineralisation caudal to the humeral head.

radiograph of the forelimb

CT arthrogram was performed and was diagnostic of osteochondritis dissecans of the humeral head. A joint mouse was also visible within the shoulder joint.

CT athrogram of shoulder

The shoulder was explored arthroscopically allowing minimally invasive removal of the joint mouse and cartilage flap.

large joint mouse

Large joint mouse being grasped with arthroscopic graspers

cartilage flap in situ

Cartilage flap in situ on the caudal humeral head

After 6 weeks of rest and rehabilitation this dog made excellent progress and has now resumed the normal activity of a pet dog.


Duncan Barnes

Surgery was carried out by Duncan Barnes. Duncan is happy to discuss or give advice on all matters relating to small animal veterinary orthopaedics. Please phone 01793 528341 or email Eastcott Referrals

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