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We are very sad to hear the announcement that Kamal has died. We had the privilege of meeting Kamal last year when a team from Eastcott Veterinary Referrals went to Bristol Zoo to perform a root canal filling on his fractured canine tooth.…
Dogs love chewing but chewing hard or abrasive objects can cause severe damage to teeth. This can weaken the affected teeth and predispose to tooth fracture. …
Tracheal collapse in dogs. Medical management or surgical intervention?…
Thanks to everyone who visited our stand at the London Vet Show.…
Meet us at the London Vet Show 2012…
Welcome to the new Eastcott Referrals Website…
Congratulations to Tim on passing his exams! Tim has recently gained the RCVS diploma in small animal surgery (soft tissue) making... …
98 articles 
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