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Cardiology cases sought to be part of RCV Hamlet Study into Mitral Valve Disease with Specialist Cardiology Referral Vet Andrew Francis…
2018 Veterinary Newsletter from Eastcott Referrals. Multidisciplinary veterinary referral team based in the South West of England. Our approachable Specialist led team share news and interesting recent cases seen.…
Sentinel Lymph Node Identification in a Dog with Nasal Squamous Cell Carcinoma. Nasal SCC is the most common malignancy diagnosed affecting the canine nasal planum. It is characterised by being locally invasive whilst also having the potential for metastases to the draining lymph nodes and lungs.…
Canine Acanthomatous Ameloblastoma referral case study. CAA is a benign tumour, but shows aggressive local behaviour and frequent invasion into bone of the underlying mandible or maxilla.…
Veterinary Specialist led Minimally Invasive Surgery Referrals in the South West. Minimally invasive surgery is becoming increasingly popular among veterinary surgeons. The principles of MIS are that it provides a highly magnified, well-lit image of a region of anatomy that would otherwise require a significantly larger incision and higher morbidity for the equivalent procedure to be performed as an “open surgery”.…
Pericardiectomy is one of the most common therapeutic thoracoscopic procedures that is performed in veterinary patients.  Pericardiectomy is indicated in patients that have pericardial effusion that restricts diastolic filling causing cardiac tamponade and associated abdominal effusion.…
16 articles in Archive
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