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Duncan Barnes will discuss the best way to treat pelvic fractures in small animals
Added on 24 October 2014 | Updated on 24 October 2014
Date: 9 May 2017
To: 9 May 2017
Time: 19:00 to: 21:00
Choosing options for the treatment of cruciate ligament disease. FREE Veterinary Small Animal CPD evening with Duncan Barnes MA VetMB DSAS (Orth) MRCVS RCVS Diplomate in Small Animal Surgery (Orthopaedics), Head of Eastcott Referrals Orthopaedic Referrals Service.
Added on 25 January 2017 | Updated on 14 May 2020
A free Veterinary Orthopaedic CPD Evening exploring small animal fracture assessment and treatment planning for vets with and interest in small animal orthopaedics.
Added on 23 May 2017 | Updated on 11 August 2017
Free Veterinary Orthopaedic CPD talk with Specialist Duncan Barnes entitled CT from the perspective of an orthopaedic surgeon. This is a free evening orthopaedic CPD event for vets.
Added on 04 May 2018 | Updated on 09 May 2018
Free Veterinary Orthopaedic Evening CPD talk with Specialist Duncan Barnes and Fabio Frazzica where they will talk about hip disease including the radiographic assessment of hip disease and total hip replacement. This is a free evening orthopaedic CPD event for vets.
Added on 25 October 2018 | Updated on 14 May 2020
Date: 6 Jun 2019
Time: 19:00 to: 21:00
Free Small Animal Orthopaedic CPD evening with the Eastcott Referral Orthopaedics team. Duncan and Fabio will be discussing Medial Patellar Luxation and Patella Groove Replacement at this relaxed CPD evening on 6th June 2019
Added on 16 January 2019 | Updated on 03 March 2019
Lameness in young dogs is a common presentation. This interactive webinar will guide delegates through the approach to juvenile lameness, with plenty of examples and cases to illustrate the common types of problems we see.
Added on 27 April 2020 | Updated on 27 April 2020
To get the best results in dogs and cats with fractures we need to have a systematic approach to assessing our patients and their injuries. This webinar will take delegates step by step through the process of assessing fractures and how to make a plan for their treatment
Added on 27 April 2020 | Updated on 27 April 2020
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