RSA Preferred Referral Network Insurance Information

RSA (Royal Sun Alliance) Insurance who underwrite Argos, Homebase, John Lewis, Marks & Spencer, More Than and Tesco, have introduced a ‘Preferred Referral Network’ list of veterinary referral practices.

Under the RSA’s new requirements, if a veterinary surgeon recommends a referral practice that is not part of the network, their client may need to pay £200 towards the referral practice’s bill, depending on the conditions of their insurance policy and the date of inception of the policy.

Eastcott Referrals, along with a significant number of the most highly regarded referral practices, has not signed up to join the RSA Preferred Referral Network List. However, your choice and ability to refer to us will remain unchanged.

If RSA chooses to enforce an additional excess for clients referred to us for full referrals, we will, through our free insurance claims service, liaise with RSA and cover any resulting excess up to the £200 penalty. This does not apply to patients referred solely for outpatient services.

All emergency referrals are clearly excluded from the new Preferred Referral Network terms and will be seen as normal.

The RCVS states: “Whilst pet insurers may maintain a list of preferred veterinary service providers, depending on the terms of their policies, they should not take on the professional responsibility of the veterinary surgeon who has the animal under his/her care.  Veterinary surgeons remain the most qualified people to decide what is in the best health and welfare interests of their patients.”

Please contact our dedicated Insurance Advisor if you have any queries regarding any insurance claims