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How is a referral arranged?

Your vet will contact us to discuss your pet’s case and to make the referral. A member of the Eastcott Referral team will then call you to discuss the arrangements further and an appointment will be made. We will provide appointment confirmation, directions and other relevant information via post or email.

If you think that your pet may need to see one of our specialist or referral vets, please contact your own vet first. Eastcott Referrals can only take cases referred by a veterinary surgeon.

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What time should I arrive?

Please aim to arrive 15 minutes prior to your appointment.  We have a wide range of available times and will endeavour to find a time that best suits you.

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How should I prepare my pet?

If your pet is coming in for an operation, it is essential that they have empty stomach prior to the anaesthetic. Please do not give your pet anything to eat from midnight the night before the anaesthetic. Do not withhold water unless specifically advised. Cats should be kept indoors overnight to ensure they are starved and do not go missing in the morning. Allow your dog the opportunity to toilet before admission. Animals such as rabbits, guinea pigs, rats etc. do not need to be starved.

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What should I bring with me?

You should bring any X-rays, scans or other information that your vet may have supplied. Many referring vets will have sent this information ahead via email.

You should bring any relevant insurance documentation, including a blank claims form. See Insurance and Payment options for more information. If your pet is on a special diet or medication, please bring enough supplies for the duration of their stay with us.

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Can I bring my dogs favourite blanket or toy in?

We do not encourage people to bring their own blankets and toys in as unfortunately in a busy hospital items can go missing and end up in our laundry process.  There is also a risk of inadvertently bringing in harmful bacteria and infectious diseases to the facilities.

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Will I be able to talk to the vet before the operation/procedure?

On the day of admission you will see the referral vet who will discuss your pet’s surgery or treatment. They will discuss the case and obtain a clinical history and may take blood for tests. This will ensure that we have a complete overview of your pet’s condition and can answer your questions and address any concerns before your pet is admitted. On the rare occasion that your vet is caught up in an emergency procedure, information will be passed via a member of the team and your vet will contact you are soon as they are available.

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Where will my pet stay?

Once admitted to the hospital you pet will be taken to an individual kennel or cat cage where he/she will stay before and after any treatment or surgery. Dogs and cats are kept in separate wards. Should you wish to see the kennels/cattery and hospital please make an appointment for a short guided tour prior to admission. This may not be possible at busy times or if your pet is being admitted as an emergency.

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How do I receive updates on my pet’s progress?

The vet will call you with updates and advise you of going home times. If you call to check on your pet’s progress, please be aware that it is not always possible to speak to the vet in charge of your pet’s case. Should they be unavailable, they will return your call as soon as possible.

For dentistry cases, most patients will go home the same day but this can vary.

Most other cases stay in overnight but you will be advised by phone and will be given an indication as to how long your pet may stay at the time of admission.

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What is there to do whilst I am waiting if my pet is coming home the same day?

Swindon is a bustling town with plenty to do and plenty of places to have a cup of tea or coffee and a snack. We are located opposite a large Morrisons that has a cafe. There is shopping at the McArthur Glen Designer Outlet Village. and Marlborough is a short distance away.
Further information on the Swindon area can be found at The Swindon Visitor Information Centre. 

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Is there somewhere nearby that I can stay overnight?

The Holiday Inn SN3 6AQ is a 2 minute drive away and has free parking.

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What happens if my pet is hospitalised?

We have vets and veterinary nursing staff on site 24 hours a day and who work throughout the night, so that  animals are regularly monitored, treated and given plenty of TLC. The vet in charge of your pet will also be on call to ensure out of hours treatment is always available. If your pet requires a special diet, please bring a sufficient quantity for three days, or longer if needed. If you wish to visit your hospitalised pet, this can be arranged with the vet in charge of the case.

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How can I find out how much it will cost?

Estimates of costs can be difficult before our vets have had the opportunity to fully assess a pet in a consultation. We can give a very rough estimate, based on the information that we receive from the referring vet. However, it is not until your pet been examined and assessed, that we will be able to provide a full estimate of the expected cost of treatment if requested. This will provide an idea of the cost of treatment but this can change if circumstances change during the course of treatment. We will endeavour to keep you updated on any additional costs.

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Can I claim on my insurance?

For dentistry related referrals, a pre-authorisation is required for all insurance claims. If this is not possible then payment will be due at time of collection.

If you already have a current claim with your vet and your case is not dentistry related, we will need full policy details. We ask that you call your insurance company and request permission for us to discuss the policy direct with them. This way we can determine any issues before they arise.

If you intend to make an insurance claim, please bring a claim form and a copy of your insurance policy for us on the day of your appointment.

Please click here for more information regarding the RSA Preferred Referral Network if you are insured with Argos, Homebase, John Lewis, Marks & Spencer, More Than or Tesco

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When and how can I pay?

Deposit policy

If your pet is staying with us for hospitalisation, surgery or further investigations, you will be asked to pay a deposit of 50% of the upper end of the estimate that the clinician gave you. Please note that our estimates are anticipated costs for treatment, not exact quotes.

Payment will be due at the time of collection by cash, debit or credit card unless we have agreed in advance to do a direct claim with an insurance company. This can only be done if we have a letter pre-authorising a direct claim from your insurance company.

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Where do I go for check-ups after the operation or procedure?

Routine post-operative checks are usually carried out at your own vets but for more complicated cases we may ask, where possible, that we see your pet again. Your vets will receive a full update of all treatment. For dentistry cases, you will be contacted to arrange an appointment to suit you at an appropriate time.

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After a referral can I make Eastcott my primary care vets?

Because we work with hundreds of primary care vets from across the country we have an agreement that we won’t accept their existing clients to our first option practice.

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Raw Food Policy

At Eastcott, we fully respect the rights of owners to choose a diet that they feel is best suited to their pet, and for some individuals this may be a raw diet. As a veterinary hospital seeking to maintain the highest standards of infection control, we are constantly reviewing the scientific literature surrounding this topic.

There is a growing body of evidence to suggest that dogs fed a raw diet have an increased risk of acquiring and shedding various bacterial infections that could pose a danger to other patients and the people looking after them. For this reason, we do not feed raw food to any of our patients whilst they are hospitalised. However, for pets with dietary intolerances, we are happy to feed their usual diets as provided by their owners, but we ask that this food is cooked first before being brought into the practice.

Many thanks for your understanding and co-operation which allows us to minimise any infection risk and to protect sick and immuno-compromised pets within the hospital.

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