Physiotherapy Videos

To assist pet owners in providing ongoing therapy for their pet when at home, we have created a series of short videos to help demonstrate some of the basic physiotherapy techniques. Your pet’s personal discharge plan will tell you what physiotherapy your pet needs.

You should only perform these techniques on your pet if you have been instructed to do so by one of our Veterinary Physiotherapy team, as not all exercises are suitable for all patients or all conditions.


  1. Cold pack
  2. Massage – limbs
  3. Massage – back
  4. Stifle only (knee only) range of motion
  5. Whole hind limb range of motion
  6. Forelimb range of motion
  7. Weight shifting – hind limbs
  8. Weight shifting – forelimbs
  9. Toe simulation and toe range of motion
  10. Paw replacement
  11. Standing range of motion with paw drag
  12. Sit-to-stand
  13. Down-to-stand
  14. Hip range of motion following a total hip replacement


If your pet appears to be in pain or discomfort whilst following these videos you should stop immediately and contact our physiotherapy team by emailing or calling us on 01793 528341.