Cooper’s spinal instability surgery

Cooper, a 10-year-old male Labrador, presented to EBVS Specialist in Neurology Marcos Raposo Galvan, with a 4-week history of progressive severe pelvic limb ataxia and clicking of the vertebral column when walking.

A neurological examination indicated a lesion affecting the T3-L3 spinal cord segments and MRI documented changes consistent with a T13-L1 discospondylitis with subluxation of the bones at T13-L1.   

Cooper was initially managed medically, with a partial improvement, but as he didn’t show a complete recovery his owners elected for surgical treatment to address the suspected spinal instability caused by the infection.  A spinal stabilisation procedure was carried out by Marcos and Tom Shaw, EBVS and RCVS Specialist in Neurology, with placement of screws and bone cement to bridge the unstable disc.

We’re please to report that after surgery, Cooper improved greatly with his ability to walk and is now back to living a normal pain-free life.