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Here at Eastcott Veterinary Referrals we offer a comprehensive oncology service.  We take each patient through diagnosis, staging, treatment and follow up as well as being able to provide holistic support to our cancer patients through analgesic and palliative patient care.

Cancer diagnosis

This can involve surgical and minimally invasive biopsy and sampling as well as the use of advanced molecular tests such as PARR and flow cytometry.  Our team will be able to advise on and interpret the best tests for each patient.

Cancer staging

The process of finding out how widespread a cancer is can have a dramatic impact on the case management. We are well-equipped with a specialist-led imaging department to perform ultrasound, advanced imaging and sentinel lymph node studies. We are able to sample lymph nodes, bone marrow and other sites as required to complete staging.

Cancer therapy

Depending on the cancer type therapy can be medical or surgical.  We are lucky to have three highly-specialised surgical teams allowing us to perform highly advanced soft tissue, orthopaedic and oral and maxillofacial surgeries to ensure the best possible care depending on each tumour type.  Medical cancer treatment is also a key part of oncology and we are able to offer full medical options including neoadjuvant (prior to surgery to shrink the tumour), adjuvant (following surgery to reduce the risk of recurrence) and sole treatment (eg for blood cancers) .  Medical therapy includes chemotherapy but is not restricted to this and we are able to use a range of new and developing anticancer drugs as well as immunotherapy (such as the melanoma vaccine) as part of our armoury.

Patient support

Patient with cancer and their owners need extra support to ensure their overall wellbeing.  Across our hospital we are able to help at each stage of the process with our passionate nursing team and team of specialists across all disciplines.

Our Oncology team have experience in managing a wide range of cancers including lymphoma, mast cell disease and bladder tumours, and in giving supplementary medical treatment for patients with osteosarcoma and haemangiosarcoma.

For effective treatment oncology requires close collaboration between many different departments. We are lucky to be able to call on the skills and experience across the hospital from team such as Soft Tissue Surgery, Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, internal medicine and Diagnostic Imaging.  All working together to provide the best possible treatment.

Oncology services offered include:

  • Medical Oncology – all chemotherapy options including intravenous chemotherapy treatments, intracavitary chemotherapy, oral chemotherapy and metronomic chemotherapy. We are also able to use other anticancer medications (such as tyrosine kinase inhibitors) and the melanomal vaccination.
  • Surgical Oncology – including advanced soft tissue procedures, orthopaedic oncology and advanced oral and maxillofacial surgeries. Where possible we are able to offer minimally invasive procedures in our dedicated interventional radiology theatre.

Our Oncology team are happy to provide advice by phone or email. Please contact us for details.

Oncology Team