Gus is doing well following bilateral hip replacements

It was great to see Gus back in the clinical last week for his x-rays 6 weeks after the second of his two hip replacements

This gentle giant of a cat suffered bilateral femoral capital physeal fractures.  This is likely to be as a result of weakened femoral capital physeal growth plates. At the time of diagnosis there was loss of bone in the femoral neck making primary repair impossible.

Total hip replacement provides a successful option for the management of chronic hip fractures and osteoarthritis in both cats and dogs. Following staged total hip replacements 6 weeks apart, Gus has made a fantastic recovery and is now back to his normal self, running around the house and is once again happy to jump up. He no longer has any need for on-going analgesia and can live his life to the full.  

Following his treatment Gus’ owner said, “Thanks so much for all your hard work with him, and the care given by the nursing and physio teams. It’s so great to have him back to his old self, and how comfortable and confident he is with jumping again with his new hips. He’s loving his freedom and was straight up and over the garden wall when I let him out.  There’s no holding him back now.”