Husky eyes a bright future after blinding cataracts removed

The grateful owner of a diabetic Husky who had gone almost totally blind has hailed their treatment as “remarkable” after we were able to restore her pet’s sight.

Eight-year-old Tinx’s eyesight problems started when she developed diabetes mellitus, causing diabetic cataract formation. She started tripping and bumping into objects when she was walking as her vision rapidly deteriorated.

Tinx’s type of diabetic cataracts were particularly harmful and, if left untreated, could have become inoperable, leading to permanent blindness.

However, our Ophthalmology team were able to successfully identify the condition and carried out a life-changing operation.

Katherine Manchip, European Specialist in Veterinary Ophthalmology, led Tinx’s surgery, which has seen the beloved pet back to running around the garden and enjoying trips to the beach with her family.

Katherine said: “Tinx’s vision was severely impaired by her diabetic cataracts and up to 80 per cent of dogs diagnosed with diabetes mellitus will develop these cataracts.

“If left untreated, these can cause inflammation within the eye and lead to glaucoma, which is blinding and painful. If left too long then it’s impossible to operate on the eyes, leading to a permanent loss of eyesight.

“It’s fantastic that Tinx is back to her energetic self and making the most of her restored vision, possibly with the prospect of seeing some snow at this time of year, which I’m sure she would make the most of.”

Tinx’s grateful owner, Heather Sams from Wokingham in Berkshire, said: “I was naturally upset and concerned my dog was going blind, especially as Tinx’s sight then quickly deteriorated.

“Little did I know how quickly the cataracts formed and surgery was the only way forward.

“Katherine was extremely reassuring and I agreed to go ahead as soon as possible to give Tinx the best possible chance.

“Now the cataracts have been successfully removed, Tinx is a completely different dog, enjoying the gift of sight again, being able to see a ball and no longer tripping up curbs.

“For me, this is a complete miracle to have my friend back to normal. I’d like to give a special thanks to Katherine and Fiona Strange, who also treated Tinx.”