Multidisciplinary Care for Stan

The bravery of a much-loved family cat who was seriously injured after being hit by a vehicle, making him completely blind, has won him many fans here at Eastcott.

Such were the significant injuries to two-year-old Stan, that our surgeons had no option but to completely remove both of his eyes.

Cat called Stan

A large plate was also placed on the right side of Stan’s lower jaw to repair a fracture he sustained in the accident.

Despite facing a new life without being able to see, the team at Eastcott have been amazed at how Stan is recovering, never losing his lovely nature.

James Haseler, Resident in Dentistry Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, said: “Stan suffered severe facial injuries, including multiple jaw and skull fractures.

“Unfortunately, both of Stan’s eyes had also ruptured and needed to be removed. Things were further complicated as Stan had a heart rhythm not typically seen in cats, so surgery was performed only when it was safe to do so.

“But thanks to the combined efforts of multiple disciplines here at Eastcott all working together we were able to save his life.

“He is an amazing cat and has retained all of his great personality throughout his treatment.

“His owner, Angie, has also been nothing but positive for Stan, even when faced with the extent of his injuries and the fact he has lost both eyes. Our admiration and respect go to Stan and Angie.”

Stan’s owner, Angie Gower from Neath, said: “To say Stan’s recovery is amazing is an understatement. As soon as he came home, he walked round the lounge and kitchen and climbed his cat tree.

“He very soon started walking up and down the stairs and jumping onto the floor from the worktops in the kitchen.

“More recently, Stan regularly climbs over a four-foot wall with a trellis on top and jumps onto my next door neighbour’s garden shed, listening to the birds flying overhead and enjoying the sun.

“Stan has always been a very happy, contented cat and I am pleased to say he continues to be so despite the trauma he has experienced.”