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CPD courses for vets covering a variety of veterinary disciplines.  Our lecture suite is supported by fully equipped practical rooms where some techniques can be practised and refined under the supervision of the CPD tutor. Many are tutored by Eastcott Veterinary Referral staff but our facilities are also available to hire. If you are interested in holding a CPD event using our facilities please contact us using the enquiry form. Please note that all of our CPD prices are exclusive of VAT.

MedECC To support the launch of the new Emergency & Critical Care facilities now available we will be starting to run a monthly CPD event specifically focussed on aspects of emergency medicine or critical care.  MedECC Club events will provide an opportunity to learn more about the skills needed to treat the most seriously sick and injured patients.  

Please view the 'Past CPD Events' if there are no upcoming CPD Events listed. If you are interested in a course when it is next run, please follow the 'Email me if you are running another CPD event like this one' link.

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Lymphoma is one of the most common malignancies that we see in dogs. With appropriate treatment many dogs enjoy months or years of good quality extra life. In this webinar we discuss the initial approach to lymphoma, how to approach these cases. We will look at how to best inform owners, to get the right information from testing and to strategies to get the best outcomes for their dogs.
Added on 18 September 2020 | Updated on 18 September 2020
Giving fluids is one of the most common and often most important treatments we can give to our patients. It has the power to transform their recovery and can often be life-saving, but it also has the potential to do harm. Fluid therapy is often viewed with a mixture of misunderstanding, confusion, or fear. No more! In this webinar, David will show a practical easy-to-understand approach to fluid therapy for your patients with case-based examples throughout. A live Q&A session will be held at the end of the webinar.
Added on 18 September 2020 | Updated on 18 September 2020
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