Diagnostic Imaging with CT

Diagnostic imaging and CT referrals are seen by Helen Renfrew BVetMed CertVR DipECVDI MRCVS RCVS Recognised and European Specialist in Veterinary Diagnostic Imaging and Domenico Sainato
DMV, MRCVS, MSc (Small Animal Diagnostic Imaging). 

Our highly experienced small animal imaging team provide a high level of support to all referral departments.

Small Animal Diagnostic imaging capabilities:

  • Assessment of acute and chronic medical diseases
  • Pre-surgical evaluation of the patients
  • Investigation of orthopaedic & neurological conditions
  • Staging of oncologic patients
  • Imaging guided biopsies of diseased organs
  • FNAs of small or otherwise inaccessible structures (e.g. internal lymph nodes: mediastinal, thoracic and abdominal structures)
  • Ultrasound guided vegetal foreign bodies retrieves (e.g. grass seeds and awns) avoiding subjecting patients to more invasive surgery

Full CT scanning service

Full CT Scanning Service using a GE Lightspeed Four Slice CT Scanner. Generating high resolution images of the South West Veterinary Referrals for Small Animal Imaging and CThead, chest, abdomen, bones and joints. This advanced imaging modality enables better diagnosis and enables more effective intervention in both surgical and medical cases. The scans are examined and reported on by a panel of Diagnostic Imaging Diplomates at Vet CT Specialists. CT is a superb technique that opens up a new world in diagnostic imaging with many advantages over conventional radiology. CT scanning is often an integral part of managing many cases referred to Eastcott Referrals. 

Radiograph Advice Service

Here at Eastcott Referrals we are happy to offer a free advice service to aid diagnosis.  We are happy to review  and give advice on:

  • Radiographs
  • CT scans
  • Case management
  • Whether referral is indicated

How does this service work?

Radiograph Advice Service

Email us at ortho@eastcottvets.co.uk or referrals@eastcottvets.co.uk

Provide a brief history and signalment

Send radiographs ideally in DICOM format. If this is not possible use a JPEG format with a file size of 300KB or larger

Our Specialists will then review your images and discuss with you possible prognosis and next steps.



Referral for Ultrasonography

Ultrasound is also very useful in the evaluation of the thorax and a variety of other ‘small parts‘.Ultrasonography is a valuable, non invasive imaging technique which can be used to assess the internal architecture of abdominal organs. In many cases this allows exploratory surgery to be avoided; in other cases, it can help to direct the surgeon towards a particular area of pathology. Ultrasound is also very useful in the evaluation of the thorax and a variety of other ‘small parts‘.

The Abdomen

Important indications for abdominal ultrasound include unexplained weight loss, ongoing vomiting and/or diarrhoea, abdominal pain, palpable abdominal masses / organomegaly, ascites, haematuria, metastatic screening and pregnancy diagnosis.
Organs routinely evaluated include the liver, spleen, gastro-intestinal tract, pancreas, kidneys +/-ureters, bladder, Swindon Vet Referrals Ultrasound Referralsuterus, ovaries, prostate, adrenal glands & lymph nodes.Where necessary, ultrasound can be used to guide minimally invasive fine needle aspirates +/-trucut biopsies.

The Thorax

Cardiac ultrasound allows a dynamic evaluation of the size & structure of the heart chambers & valves, with Doppler ultrasound used to assess the velocity & direction of cardiac blood flow. Important indications for cardiac ultrasound include the investigation of heart murmurs, cardiac dysrhythmias, unexplained episodes of collapse and suspected pericardial effusion.
Non-cardiac thoracic ultrasound is also useful in the assessment and, where necessary, non-invasive sampling, of pleural effusions, mediastinal masses, thoracic wall masses, pleural masses or peripheral lung masses.

The 'Small Parts'

Other body parts amenable to ultrasound evaluation include the larynx, thyroids, parathyroids, musculo-skeletal system, eyes, testicles and superficial skin lumps.



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