Soft Tissue Surgery - fixed price procedures

We offer fixed price packages for some of our commonly performed Soft Tissue Surgery procedures.  This is to aid an easier referral for practitioners and to allow clear cost communication with clients.

The following procedures are now offered at a fixed price*

TECA – including CT scan Unilateral £4,300
Bilateral £5,500
PDA Ligation Without heart scan £3,300
With specialist heart scan £3,900
Perineal Hernia Unilateral £4,400
Bilateral £5,400
Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy Including histopathology £4,400
Artificial Urethral Sphincter Including implants £4,800
Subcutaneous Ureteric Bypass system Unilateral £8,200
Bilateral £10,900
Vascular Ring Anomaly Without CT £3,500
With CT £3,900
Portosystemic Shunt Extrahepatic – without imaging £4,300
Extrahepatic – with imaging £4,800
Intrahepatic (intervention) £5,750
BOAS Without CT £3,500
With CT £4,000
Laser correction of ectopic ureters Unilateral and bilateral £3,300
Laryngeal Paralysis £3,700
Laparoscopic Adrenalectomy £4,000
Lung Lobectomy £3,800
Pericardiectomy £3,800
Thoraoscopic Pericardiectomy £4,000

In addition, we offer an extensive range of other soft tissue procedures, however due to the variation in required diagnostics for these conditions it is not possible to offer these at a fixed price. Please call us and we will be happy to discuss these procedures and give you an estimate.

For more information, on these or any of our procedures, please contact the Soft Tissue Surgery team directly on:

01793 528 341

*Although major postoperative complications are unusual, any costs incurred relating to unexpected postoperative complications are not included in our fixed prices packages.