Orthopaedic Surgery

Fixed price procedures

Our orthopaedic teams comprise of internationally recognised specialists, vets and nurses who can provide specialist-led investigations and treatment for both routine and urgent procedures.

To support a smooth referral process, and for transparency of costs for clients, we offer fixed prices for some of our more commonly performed procedures.

Our fixed price includes consultation, sedation, templating radiographs, general anaesthetic, surgery, implants and medication. Hospitalisation as required for up to 3 days and discharge with medications for up to 2 weeks (e.g. NSAID, paracetamol & short antibiotic course when needed). Plus a follow up assessment at 6 weeks including sedation and radiographs.

TPLO – for treatment of cruciate ligament disease

<20kg £4,700
20 – 40kg £4,975
>40kg £5,300


TPLO – Bilateral – for treatment of bilateral cruciate ligament disease where surgery is possible under the same anaesthetic

<20kg £5,900
20 – 40kg £6,800
>40kg £7,150


Patellar Luxation

Without CT £4,100
With CT planning and assessment £4,700
With CT and angular limb deformity correction £5,500


Total Hip Replacement

All size cats and dogs £7,700


Humeral Intercondylar Fissure Repair

Unilateral £4,400
Bilateral £4,700


Humeral Condylar Fractures

Humeral Unicondylar £4,400
Humeral condylar Y fracture £6,100
Humeral condylar Y fracture (complex) £6,700



Elbow Unilateral £4,400
Elbow Unilateral with CT £5,300
Elbow Bilateral £5,000
Elbow Bilateral with CT £5,900


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All prices include VAT. Long-term post operative medication for chronic management of pain or osteoarthritis is not included as this can vary significantly between patients. Although major postoperative complications are unusual, any costs incurred relating to unexpected postoperative complications are not included in our fixed price packages.

Fixed Price Procedures Team