Dog Wards

Our kennels were designed with patient comfort and care in mind. We have a range of kennels designed to suit dogs of all sizes. For larger breed dogs we have full height walk-in kennels with glass doors to make them feel less confined.

Each dog is provided with clean and comfortable bedding which is changed regularly. Orthopaedic padded mattresses are also provided for dogs that require it. Our wards are climate controlled and ventilated throughout.  The walls and floors allow easy cleaning which helps us to maintain the highest standards of infection control.

Patients receive 24-hour care from our team of Registered Veterinary Nurses and Patient Care Assistants. They provide a high level of care to each patient, with regular monitoring ensuring that each patient receives their medication at the correct time and all their physical needs are cared for.

We understand that reassurance is important to our patients and that giving them tender loving care is as important as feeding, grooming, and walking.